About Us

Paul & Alma Cooprider are Ordained Ministers with Spiritual Freedom Church of Phoenix, Arizona with Pastor Bob Larson, and with Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida where they also serve as church Elders.  Paul has been working in the deliverance ministry since 1968, and has been used by God to help many people receive deliverance from bondages of many kinds.  Paul and Alma were married in 1996 and Alma joined him in the deliverance ministry.  Alma has served in many leadership positions before she married Paul.  Together they now lead Pulling Down Strongholds Inner Healing & Deliverance Ministry.  Paul and Alma are also DWJD Core Team Members affiliated with Spiritual Freedom Church in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cynthia Yarbrough grew up in a dysfunctional home filled with abuse, rejection, and pain.  When she graduated from High School in 1977 she could not read.  In 2008 she graduated summa cum laud from Southeastern University.  After coming through her own inner healing and deliverance process, Cynthia is now an ordained minister withIgnited Church in Lakeland, Florida, where she also serves as a church Elder.  She is a leader in the deliverance ministry, Pulling Down Strongholds  with Paul and Alma Cooprider, and is also a DWJD Core Team Member affiliated with Spiritual Freedom Church in Phoenix, Arizona.  Cynthia now travels, ministering deliverance, training church leaders, and planting deliverance teams around the world.  

Deliverance Service:
Every Thursday Night at Ignited Church at 7PM.
   5859 US Hwy. 98 North
   Lakeland, FL  33809
   For Directions:   Click Here