Sometimes I just want to SMACK some church leaders up side the head! I want to tell them:Look around you… Our churches are FULL of hurting people, and and all you want to do is argue! You look at ministries like mine and you argue and criticize! “Oh, deliverance is not for today… Christians can’t have demons anyway…” What you’re doing is not working! You don’t have to do deliverance in your church, but somebody needs to do it. Don’t just watch them suffer and WISH you could help. If what you’re doing is not working, send them to someone who knows how to helpRead More →

Why do we need to renounce inner vows?  Some inner vows are good…  Aren’t they?  When someone says,  “I’m NEVER going to hurt my kids like mamma did!”  Or, “I will NEVER abandon my family like daddy did!”  That’s a good thing…  Isn’t it?The problem with inner vows is that keeping the vow is an act of fleshly righteousness.  We are not relying on the Holy Spirit to direct us.  We have decided in our mind and in our will that we will not be like the one who abused us, but our motivation may not be right.  The vow comes out of our hurtRead More →

There are many controversial subjects in the church today and Halloween is no exception.  The debate however appears to be more on the issues concerning the origins of Halloween, rather than the actions or methods of celebration.  Halloween is an annual event in this nation where people dress up as witches, ghosts, monsters and other demonic characters, which (no pun intended) haunt the streets of our cities under cover of darkness.  Halloween night is well known to all as a night of vandalism, violence, and mischief.  As Christians we are called to glorify God in all we do!  How then as Christians do we embraceRead More →

Dissociation and DeliveranceIn deliverance we see a great deal of dissociation.  The subject of deliverance can be controversial in some churches, and of the churches that accept deliverance, the whole concept of dissociation and DID can be even more controversial.  Some well-meaning Christians believe that anything you find inside of someone, that is not the core person, is a demon.  So when they start commanding these traumatized little child parts to get out, they end up traumatizing the already terrified alters even further.Those who struggle with deliverance in general usually do so because they have been taught something like this:  “The Holy Spirit and aRead More →

About four years ago, my wife got a call from the deacon of a church in another state.  He said, “We have this woman we are working with in deliverance, and we don’t know what to do.”  So she talked to him for a little bit and explained MPD (Dissociation) to him.  A few days later he called back again, and she talked to him some more.  Then, the next call was from the Pastor of the church.  I happened to be there and answered the phone that day.  We learned that the woman they were dealing with was the Pastor’s wife. She would leaveRead More →

Let me preface this post by saying that we are NOT clinicians, and we NEVER diagnose anyone with anything!  That being said, we do deal with dissociation of varying degrees on a regular basis when it presents itself.Dissociative Identity DisorderThe most severe forms of dissociation include Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), and involves a person doing things that they have no memory of doing.  They may suddenly find themselves in another place with no memory of how they got there, or wearing different clothing, with no memory of changing their clothes.  Typically in these cases people have missing chunks of memory, with no recollection of whatRead More →

What is Dissociation?Dissociation is a word that is used to describe a disconnection between things that are usually associated with each other. In psychology and also in deliverance, we use the term to indicate some degree of distancing, disruption, separation, or disconnection, in ones emotions, perceptions, or memories. Dissociation can manifest itself in many different ways. Almost everyone experiences some degree of dissociation from time to time. For example, passing by your exit on the highway and not realizing it until you are down the road, or that “blanked out” or “spaced out” feeling that we all experience occasionally. These are very mild, very commonRead More →

Change is never easy,  neither is making new choices.  The hardest part of the process is usually that of taking responsibility for the choices we’ve made in the past.  Especially those choices were not so good.The kind of personal responsibility I’m talking about is a HUGE key to healing.  But what about choices that were made for us.  The choices that other people made for a us in our childhood, like abuse, abandonment, and rejection, are NEVER our fault.  However now, as adults, we CAN take responsibility for the way we responded to the abuse, the abandonment, the rejection, even though as a child weRead More →

I emphasize this subject because so many Christians have been wrongly taught on the subject and therefore have not received the help they need, help that IS available.The most common misunderstanding on this subject is that darkness and light cannot co-exist in the same space or the same temple.  As biblical as that sounds, it is not found in the bible. Here is the verse that these well-meaning Christians quote to perpetuate this misconception:1 John 1:5-75This is the message we heard from Jesus and now declare to you: God is light, and there is no darkness in him at all.  6So we are lying ifRead More →

Some Christians know they have a problem, and they want to overcome it, they want to be free.  They’ve been doing all the right things:  They’re reading their Bible!  They’re going to church!  They’re spending time in prayer!  They’re making a good life with the Lord!  WHY is the problem still there?  It can’t be the devil, can it?  I mean, Christians can’t have demons, can they?I could just say,  “Yes they can.”  and be done with it, but that wouldn’t help those who have been taught wrongly, to understand and accept the truth.  This question is the biggest stumbling block that many Christians haveRead More →