Matthew 12: 29How can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house.In this passage Christ had just countered the Pharisees who accused him of casting out demons by the power of Beelzebub, prince of demons.  Christ refuted such ridiculous claims by explaining that a divided kingdom could not stand.  He could not cast out demons by the power of the devil or Satan’s cabal would collapse.In an exorcism, you can never be completely successful until you encounter and expel the chief demon, the Strong Man.  No matter how muchRead More →

The most common legal right that we deal with in deliverance is unforgiveness.  The Bible says that if I have something against you, God won’t forgive me until I forgive you.  That means that unforgiveness is sin, and it gives demons a legal right to attack your life.Sometimes forgiving is not too hard to do if it’s a minor offense or rudeness; but for some people, even the little things are hard to forgive, and what about the big things?  How do you forgive the unforgivable things, the parent who abandoned you, the mother who beat you, the father who incested you, the boyfriend whoRead More →

Let’s take a closer look at legal rights.  Legal rights are how a demon gets in.  Satan is a legal expert, and the Bible is his law book.  So if a demon has a legal right to be there, we can’t cast him out until we find his legal right and take it away.  Then we can get rid of him.  If someone tells you that they just tell them to “Get out in Jesus’ name,” and they go, most likely the only thing that is leaving is the most surface level stuff, the stuff we pick up just because we live in a fallenRead More →

The deliverance process is more than just casting out demons.  The biggest part of deliverance is the inner healing process.  In fact 90% of the deliverance process is about inner healing.  If we do a good job with the inner healing part of deliverance, then the last 10%, the part about dealing with the demons, is going to go faster, and easier, and be much less of a fight.Deliverance is all about legal rights.  Legal rights are entry points.  What gives Satan a legal right to attack my life?  Really there are only three ways that a demon can get in:1.  Something I did2.  SomethingRead More →

Change is NOT easy.  It’s often not pleasant.  But if we want things to get better, then we must be willing to go through the process of change. Healing is a process that is also not easy; neither is it pleasant.  It requires us to change, and sometimes that hurts.  We must change our thinking.  We must change our attitudes.  We must change the way we look at things and the way we do things, and that is never easy.  However, as one who has gone through the process of changing, the process of healing all the wounds on the inside, I can tell youRead More →

Welcome to Pulling Down Strongholds Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministry.  The purpose of this site is to help hurting people find the healing that only God can bring, and to help demonized people get free from the enemy’s torment.  God tells us in His Word that He wants us to be healthy, whole, and free. He tells us that we are to live with joy, peace, and love; but all too many of God’s people live in sadness, pain, and torment.  That is NOT God’s will for any of us! Pulling Down Strongholds is a ministry dedicated to doing what the Lord told us toRead More →