Feeling Free In Australia

Dear Paul and Alma,

I hope you made it back to the US safe and sound and I hope you are both well. Well, here I am back in Melbourne. What a whirlwind the past 3 weeks have been, from a psychic, to exorcisms, to God, – can’t say I regret a thing though!

So on the flight back to Melbourne I realized that something had changed, I didn’t know what, yet I knew a huge shift had occurred in me.  A dear friend of 12 yrs picked me up from the airport early afternoon and I proceeded to tell her my story of what I had heard, seen, and experienced in the past 3 weeks. That Sunday she went to church with her children for the first time in her life, (except for weddings and funerals.) I also asked her if she could see a change in me. She said for the first time in all the time she had known me I had tears in my eyes when I was meant to.

I have shared my story with a few people and they have all been amazed, especially those that haven’t so far lived with or experienced God.  I have spoken with Carne, he is still being pulled and pushed from within. I have actually told him that I love him and care for him and want to marry him and he needs to make decisions. He has said he also wants to marry me and wanted to know what I thought. I told him that unless we can love and respect each other how God intended us to there is no point to us being together. I also said that the first thing that needs to be dealt with is the demonic forces in both of us. Carne agreed! I’m not interested in talking about anything else with him until that has been dealt with because as soon as an emotion is triggered in him something else is immediately in the driver’s seat and I won’t deal with it anymore. I choose to no longer be stolen from, destroyed, or murdered in any way, shape, or form.

As for me, I can’t believe how peaceful my mind is. I never knew how infested it was. In hindsight I feel like spiders had spun millions of webs throughout my mind and controlled it. Now I have a peace of mind that I have never experienced in all my adult life. For this I am truly grateful and am willing to follow up on my spiritual position in life after having experienced first-hand how the devil has played me. I am reading my bible, praying, talking with God, and watching the DVD’s of Bob’s teachings. I will go to church soon as well.

Paul and Alma, I am so grateful to both of you for the gift you allowed me to receive. I am grateful to Bob and Laura and the whole team that made this possible for me. I shall email Bob as well to thank him and everyone. My head is still spinning though; 3 weeks ago you would have never heard me speak how I speak now. I thank God for both of you, how you have allowed me to experience and feel about life in a way I have never felt before. It’s true what you said Paul, “When you find God the search stops!”

I can’t thank both of you enough.

Love Always…