Inner Vows, (Part 1)

Inner Vows, (Part 1)

Why do we need to renounce inner vows?  Some inner vows are good…  Aren’t they?  When someone says,  “I’m NEVER going to hurt my kids like mamma did!”  Or, “I will NEVER abandon my family like daddy did!”  That’s a good thing…  Isn’t it?

The problem with inner vows is that keeping the vow is an act of fleshly righteousness.  We are not relying on the Holy Spirit to direct us.  We have decided in our mind and in our will that we will not be like the one who abused us, but our motivation may not be right.  The vow comes out of our hurt and pain, or out of our anger and bitterness.  This is a bitter root judgment and it means that our heart is not right.

Some of the inner vows you may need to renounce:


   ...let anyone love me weak anyone

   ...allow myself to need

   ...let them take anything away from me

   ...allow anyone to touch me

   ...share what is mine

   ...allow anyone to give me money

   ...write, read, understand

   ...allow myself to be hit

   ...go out at night

   ...let you see who I am

   ...let anyone know I hurt

   ...tell a woman (or man) anything

   ...tell a man (or woman) control me responsible for the actions of others

   ...receive a compliment

   ...participate in life

   ...allow a man (or woman) into my heart anything worthwhile sick violent or abusive

   ...mature or grow up



   ...remain aloof, separate logical in control of my live

By Cynthia Yarbrough