My Family Set Free

It is my greatest desire to be a yielded vessel that the Lord can use fully to his glorification. Therefore my daily prayer is that of David when he asked the Lord to "Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be made clean. Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow."

A year ago the Lord began a cleansing process within me that I shall never forget. This consists of being delivered from witchcraft, fear, loneliness, anger, rage, generational curses, hurt, sickness, and poverty. This did not occur with one deliverance but with several over a period of time as they manifested themselves.

Thank God for blessing me with a church home that has a deliverance ministry operating within it that is spirit-filled, and has women and men called and anointed by God to lay hands on the sick and to drive out demons according to the scriptures (Matt 16:17,18).

It was my intention to be "trained" to work in the deliverance ministry. Needless to say, I did not know my training would lead to my being set free of witchcraft, generational curses, etc. It all began when I asked Paul and Alma Cooprider, the leaders of Pulling Down Strongholds, to pray for me for "fear." During the Mass Deliverance I felt this was what had manifested itself. Well, as Paul took me through the forgiveness process and began to call several things out, I knew this was the night the Lord had set aside for my deliverance.

One of the things Paul always says before he starts the mass deliverance is "if you let it come up, you won't have to take it home with you." As I yielded myself to be set free and made whole, it began to happen. I slid right off the pew and began crawling away from Paul. After much yelling, burping, and throwing up I was finally free of witchcraft, and generational curses.

It is amazing how an individual can allow the enemy to use their hatred to try and destroy another person. But more specifically to destroy other family members. This same curse that was placed on me was passed down to my daughter and my grandchildren. This curse was intended to take my life and had been present within me for over twenty years.

Thank God also for the deliverance of my oldest daughter, who went through a horrific deliverance one month after I was delivered. This deliverance occurred at a Pulling Down Strongholds service also. The demon had been in my daughter for fifteen years, which means it entered into her when she was fifteen years old.

My second big deliverance came shortly after my divorce. It manifested itself as anger and rage. Again Paul and Alma were led by the spirit of God to minister to me. This occurred following the 11:00am morning worship service. The pastor asked people to come down for prayer. I knew I needed more than ordinary prayer so I went to Paul and Alma, who are also Elders of the Carpenter's Home church.

This deliverance took quite a while, but Paul and Alma stuck with it until I was set free once again. To God be the glory to have such humble servants in his care.

My last deliverance happened after I took an examination related to my work profession. I had fasted, prayed, and had other strong believers to pray with me and for me. But, I did not pass that examination. I explained to Paul what had happened and this time I was delivered of a spirit of poverty. This spirit of poverty was so strong until I could feel my stomach twisting as Paul touched my forehead with his finger.

Again, I was delivered and later told by Paul that this too was a generational curse that had been passed down by my forefathers.

From going through the deliverances, my family and I have grown closer. I can truly say that what the enemy meant for harm, God meant for good. My grand children are not getting sick as often as they had in the past. My oldest grandson is making A's and B's in school, whereas before, he was making D's and F's. But, the one thing that I noticed most of all is my youngest grandson will now allow me to pick him up and cuddle him. This rarely happened before I went through the deliverances.

I can truly say I have been set free. But I realize that to stay free I must adhere to the word of God. I must read and study the word of God on a regular basis. I must also pray without ceasing and keep the whole armor of God on my family and myself. The word of God lets us know that the enemy is out to kill, steal, and to destroy. But I know there is a God who sits high and looks low. He is and has been my strong deliverer in times of trouble. To God be all the glory!